What would you change about your favorite book series?

My brother-in-law and I are both avid readers. We spend most of our time during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or whenever we have a chance to get together discussing books. Most of that time is playfully spent arguing over what we liked or disliked, leading to fun conversations over what we would have changed. As I have started scanning the internet more and more since my debut novel, Kindel The Crowning Of Our King has come out, I noticed many great discussions about the same thing. What would you have changed about your favorite book series? I thought it would be fun to start a blog post dedicated solely to that topic. Here are some good examples I have come across on Goodreads, Instagram, and WordPress.

  • Ron in Harry Potter. Some like him and some dislike him. What would have made him a more universally likable character? Be careful. Somethings you change may contradict where he came from. He had a big family and brothers who loved the spotlight. Just saying. I think that was a big part of who he was.
  • The end of The Hunger Games. Katniss lies to lead her friends into a war-zone, then fails to become a leader, and even votes to keep the games.
  • The Lord of the Rings. Did Tolkien write himself into a corner where the only way out was to introduce an army of the dead at the last minute? He is one of my idols so I find it nearly impossible to get into that one, but I have seen it in other discussions.

These are just a few examples.

To start the discussion, I will talk about one of the hottest topics and give my take. Did Rob Stark have to die at the Red Wedding? This was a moment that upset readers of the series and fans of the TV show alike. As a huge fan of George RR Martins, I will try and defend his decision.

My take is that it was necessary for Rob Stark to die. Sure, it nearly ended the Starks, but what would the series have become if he remained a main character? Would he have eventually joined forces with Stannis? If so, would they have won the Battle of the Blackwater? And if they did, Stannis would have had the more legit claim to the Iron Throne. Where would that have left Rob? Would he accept that? If he didn’t join forces with Stannis what would his next move be? And above all, could you imagine the series being as great as it is if the Lannister’s were defeated? That is why from a story standpoint I have accepted the death of Rob Stark. What do you think? I like how it opened up things for other characters to come into their own like Jon Snow.


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