Just a dude who loves reading and was stupid enough to write a book. 

Hello everyone,

I am an avid reader and lover of fantasy. That led me to try and write a book of my own. What started as a hobby became a passion, and from that passion came my debut novel, Kindel The Crowning Of Our King. When not working I spend all of my time with my three children, wife, and our dog named Superdog. That’s right, Superdog. So let me leave you with a little knowledge -Never let your three year old name your dog.

Don’t worry. I didn’t get onto WordPress to promote myself. This is my first day and I have already spent most of it reading and commenting on all of your great post. I can hear my wife already, “Are you reading more stuff about books and Game of Thrones?” Haha. The answer of course is yes, but I did want to take a minute to introduce myself. I hope to be interacting with you soon!


As for the book, here is a little information. If you have read it and have questions, feedback, praise, or need to tell me how much you disliked it, please feel free to comment and I will always respond. If you haven’t read it, you can check out the first few chapters for free right here. Just click the free sample pages link at the top right corner of my page!41mqFrCH6GL._AC_US218_

In a world where a hundred year war takes place in the north and aggressive conquerors roam the east, The Three Kingdoms stand tall against them all. Bound together by an agreement of friendship and cooperation, Printan, Gatlin, and Manchester form one of the most innovative and powerful kingdoms of their time.

But that was then and this is now.

When an army of Mongrels perfectly execute a plan to conquer The Three Kingdoms from the inside out, Elsthin, the young Prince of Gatlin, finds himself stuck between two bad choices; agree to ambush Printan at their most vulnerable moment or die. Hoping to save the Three Kingdoms and his best friend Kindel, the Prince of Printan, Elsthin puts his life at risk and agrees to the ambush. Join Kindel as he recounts his unwinnable quest to avenge the attack, win back his homeland, and kill Elsthin who he saw take it all away. But the closer Kindel comes to discovering the truth, the closer he gets to his real enemy waiting in the shadows, and the closer Elsthin comes to running out of time. Here is a story of friendship, betrayal, swords, and Kings, and their strength will determine the fate of the legendary Three Kingdoms – and beyond.

When seventeen year old Kindel – the bashfully handsome Prince of Printan – stands beside his father to kick off The Twenty Third Annual Fall Festival, it_s a perfectly normal day.

Here are a few quotes…

“My family was made of good people who did good things with what they were given. What fairness does life show in a time like this- But life is not fair and that is nothing new, so I b“My family was made of good people who did good things with what they were given. What fairness does life show in a time like this- But life is not fair and that is nothing new, so I b

Thank you for your time and I look forward to interacting with you soon!

B.M. Tolbert


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