Game of Thrones. Your chance to get it on the record!

So with Game of Thrones season 7 right around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to put my predictions out there. Once season 7 starts I think the ending will take shape quickly, and it will be too late. Now I may be wrong in my predictions, and I’m sure I will be, but if I’m right I will tell everyone, read my blog, I predicted that. If you have a good theory, here is your chance to put it on the record too!

I am going with the predictable. I think we have seen so many twists and turns the ending will be what we expect, but even more awesome to watch!

First I think Dany ends up on the throne she’s always wanted above anything else. Unless the White Walkers win, which they want, I don’t see anyone powerful enough to stop her and her dragons. Not to mention that she is joining forces with Jon Snow, adding the power of the north to go with it.

My next prediction is that Jon Snow dies, again. He cares about the wars to come as much as Dany does the Iron Throne. I think he dies during that battle and Sam somehow kills the Night King. I also believe  Sam is the one telling this entire saga. Sam will immortalize his friend Jon in the pages of history, framing Jon as the true hero, and in my opinion, he is. No one has spent more time worrying about the Night King then Jon.

Here is the one I have the least faith in. Jamie kills Cersei and leads the Lannister Army to help Dany and Jon win the real battle. That way he ends up the knight he’s always wanted to be which adds to GRRM’s prediction of a bitter sweet ending. Oh yeah, I believe Tryion is not a Lannister too. (If you have not read about this theory I won’t ruin it, but I believe it.) That means if only by seconds, Jaime is Cersei’s only younger brother, and when he kills her it will fulfill her prophecy. I won’t get into that one either, but it’s easy enough to find if you want to learn more about what Cersei was told by Maggie the Frog.

As far as Bran goes, I really don’t know where he fits in, and I think he might be the one to ruin all my theories. My best guess is he tells Jon his true past, perhaps Tyrion too, meaning the Starks reunite but after that all I can predict for him is Winterfell. Like I mentioned before, Jon will die leaving Bran the King of the North. What I would like to see even more is Arya, King of the North, but to have that happen Bran will have to die and I don’t see that happening. How many times could he have died already?

That does it. I told you I was going with the obvious. Dany takes Kings Landing and rules like the honest and kind ruler she always dreamt of being. Jon dies, but not before they beat the White Walkers with the help of Jaime, and Bran ends up King of the North. I wish I had more on Varys and Littlefinger but I think the story has gotten to big for them to manipulate like they have everything up to this point. I actually don’t see Littlefinger lasting long into season 7, or Sansa either, but I see a longer life for Varys, Grey Worm, and Arya. What do you think?



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